I've been quilting for over 23+ yrs. I enjoy using bright colors and quick, fast patterns. :) I also take care of my Mom. She has severe Dementia.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pattern Give-Away!!

I was surfing the internet and came across the quilting store: www.the-teachers-pet.com and found Kathy Brown's blog. She'd just interviewed Annie Smith and decided to do a give-away with 9 of Kathy's patterns. If you don't know who Kathy is, she's the designer of the "Take 5" series of quilt patterns. There are 9 patterns that will be given away to 9 winners. All you've got to do is to comment on Kathy's blog and post a link to your blog, like this or shorter. http://theteacherspet.typepad.com/theteacherspet/2009/02/what-an-exciting-day.html

Mom's home sick from daycare today. She's congested, running a low-grade temp and generally feeling yucky. The daycare won't let their clients attend if they have a fever, so I'm staying home from work to take care of Mom. This decision wasn't easy, since I'm only scheduled to work today and Friday. I just keep reminding myself that God *WILL* take care of all our needs, not all our wants. LOL!

This afternoon, I'm planning on sewing some more burp-cloths. I've got a large (to me) flannel collection just for that purpose. About 10% of the folks I work with are pregnant and this is an easy gift for me to make/share. I seldom make baby quilts to give to my co-workers, since they're just work acquaintances. I only give them to my extremely close friends, since they take alot of time/energy to make and usually my time/energies are spent on taking care of Mom.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free Quilt Patterns

Here's a wonderful site with alot of e-patterns available, sorted in catagories! Get yourself a hot cuppa tea or cold can of Diet Coke. You'll end up spending *lots* and *lots* of time looking thru the superlist here!!!